Champion for Change 2020

Now, more than ever, the State of Rhode Island needs a champion for change who will continue to fight for important topics such as education, healthcare, housing, justice reform, LGBTQIA+, racial equality, social services and more.

Re-elect John J. Lombardi (D) for State Representative District 8, a public servant at heart with a track record of balanced, effective and strong leadership.

“Growing up on Depasquale Avenue in Federal Hill, I learned valuable life lessons that define me today as a devoted husband, lifelong friend, and mentor of our community. My commitment to serving others began when I was very young. I got off to a rough start in life, losing both my parents to an illness at a young age. I was left with the responsibility of raising my younger brother, Frank. The deep sense of caring for others and the humility I developed as a child grew into a desire to serve the community and those who may feel forgotten or underrepresented.

My objective in life is to help those suffering in our community and advocate for those who feel they are not being heard – especially those whose voice has been drowned out by hatred, racism, and the status quo.

 My foremost goal as your State Representative is to be here for you in your time of need; to advocate for the social and community issues that matter most to you; and extend to you and equal seat at the table of representation.


 John J. Lombardi
House District 8”


Representative John Lombardi speaks on the State of Rhode Island General Assembly.


2020 Proposals

AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL RECORD PROCEDURE (Establishes Rhode Island First Step requiring corrections to assist offenders with reintegration into society, access to counseling, medical care, education, early termination to pre-release confinement for elderly and terminally ill offenders.)

AN ACT RELATING TO DOMESTIC RELATIONS -- DOMESTIC ABUSE PREVENTION (Permits the family court to award custody of household pets to the plaintiff (victim) in a domestic abuse complaint.) 

AN ACT RELATING TO EDUCATION -- SCHOOL COMMITTEES AND SUPERINTENDENTS (Requires school committees to provide transportation for any student who resides two (2) or more miles from school.)

AN ACT RELATING TO STATE AFFAIRS AND GOVERNMENT -- COMMISSION ON STANDARDS AND TRAINING (Requires mandatory training standards for police officers, trainees, in identifying, responding, and handling all incidents involving any person with a developmental disability.)

AN ACT RELATING TO STATE OF AFFAIRS AND GOVERNMENT -- HOUSING RESOURCES -- HOMELESS SHELTERS (Creates a commission to establish homeless shelter standards.)


Legislative Issues

Do you believe voters should be given another chance, this November, to strike "Providence Plantations" from the official name of state?

I think the voters, as a general rule, should be allowed to vote on any issue that is so prominent and relevant to society as a whole. The Rhode Island Constitution requires that people vote on these particular issues. In my humble opinion, any reference that offends any portion of society should be deleted from the record and let us move forward in doing what is right and proper. -Representative Lombardi

Do you believe RI should reform its Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights, and if so, in what way, to remedy what problems with the current law?

Yes the LEOBOR should be reformed to remedy many of the issues we are facing today. Some of the reforms should should include a public “right-to-know” the names of officers guilty of any criminal or intentional conduct. Secondly, to give Police Chiefs the authority to suspend officers for minor violations for up to 30 days without pay. Also to increase the LEOBOR committee by 2 members of which should include someone from the R.I Human Rights Commission and a Superior Court Judge. -Representative Lombardi

With this most recent legislative session having been as odd and abbreviated as any of us have seen is there if any one bill- one budget, or non-school bond bill that you would like to see the General Assembly pass in July? If yes, what would it be?

Yes, I would love to see all of Representative Williams’ proposals passed as an entire package and without hesitation. This reflects our current state of affairs. Secondly, COVID-19 related, I would love to see my proposal on business interruption insurance also pass. This would allow businesses most affected by the virus to avail themselves of insurance coverage. -Representative Lombardi


2020-2021 Upcoming Proposals

  • Proposal related to COVID-19 financial hardship for individuals and families
  • Proposal related to unadopted youth in transition from foster care to adulthood
  • Proposal related to education
  • Proposal related to employment and the increase to minimum wage